Jonathan Wagner
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Chunk Showcase Mag

I see interviews as chunks of information that the interviewee shares with the interviewer with the intention of sharing it with the rest of the public. I decided to name the magazine Chunk after that. The name also works because it sounds “chunky” and not very elegant. Well, many of the creative that the magazine would feature would potentially be considered rough around the edges from some, but works within Chunk’s target audience. 


There is a mix of well-known and potentially obscure artists. Each edition would have a couple well known, with one of them being the feature. In this case, it would be Robert Kirkman. There would also be an interview with something that is popular, but maybe the general public isn’t aware of its creators. This would be the game SoundShapes. Chunk also strives to feature international work and artists that may not be featured in other art magazines. Panicoala and Samez are both Italian artists, and Samez is a tattoo artists.


The art direction for the magazine strives to be as vibrant as possible. Sharp, colorful, eye catching, and risqué images are used. The images work with the typography to set a pace for reader. The pace and expectations are maintained, while giving each new interview a new style. Chunk wants its readers to be invigorated during and after reading the magazine.


This magazine consists of interviews with six artists and designers.

Jim Mahfood (Artist / Designer)

Paola Panicoala (Photographer)

Mack & Liem / SoundShapes (Video Game Designers)

Sarah Samez (Tattoo Artist)

Robert Kirkman / The Walking Dead (Comic Book Writer / Show-runner)


* Digital spreads at the bottom.